Our Philosophy

Bringing timeless beauty to the important & photo-worthy events in every woman's life.

at The Collective we celebrate and respect every client in our chair by bringing forth her natural beauty with minimalist elegance and a timeless flair.

Faces are meant to look like aces, and makeup isn't a mask. While makeup and hair extensions can be the perfect boost to keep a gal feeling her best, accentuating natural and genuine beauty is always our goal. 

We want every client, bride, and collaborator to look back at photos of our work and find it just as simply stunning as they day it was taken. We don't give in to tacky trends, but always allow room for a chic, fashionable edge. 

If you're here, it's likely because you admire the simple elegance of an understated bridal look as much as we do. If your style icons are the radiant beauties of decades past, and you appreciate subtly and sophistication, I think we may be a good match. If Hailey Baldwin Bieber's low bun and fresh skin on her bridal day, had you drooling then we are definitely meant to be the best of friends! Let's work together to find your perfect balance of fabulous and refined. 

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Hi loves! I'm so happy you’re here! If you're reading this, just know I can't wait to make you glam...and also be your morning of hype girl! I’ve always wanted to work in weddings, and have had a love of beauty since day one—it was such a dream for me when the two worlds collided!

Over the years my style has (luckily) evolved from block eyebrows and blue shimmer eyeshadow, to the natural effortless looks that I love today. My passion is for the chic minimalistic, fashion-forward bride who is looking for simple rather than overdone.

As a young girl, my beauty Icons were always the naturally stunning women who looked chic no matter which decade reflected upon them. Audrey Hepburn’s little black pants never went out of style, Grace Kelly’s crisp sense of fashion makes her a timeless Icon, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has never been caught in a bad outfit. 
Artists like Kevyn Aucoin, Gucci Westman, and Nikki Wolff have Inspired my artistry, and facets of their work can be found in inspiration for mine. My first ever high-end beauty product was a Bobbi Brown blush, and I carry with me a lot of her minimalist principles as an artist to this day. 

Like so many of my wonderful brides, I'm wildly in love with my boyfriend...and my dog Meade. If I've ever done your makeup, you've definitely heard me talk about both of them! Aside from my passion for makeup and skincare, I love to spend time in my garden or with my chickens (the most underrated pet!). My boyfriend and I love to make fresh pasta for at-home date nights, and I can't help but indulge our sweet tooth by baking everything from cookies to scones to pies! 

The “Inside Scoop” On Samantha

Want to know all the deets?

The go to working jams

I love to listen to a little morning jazz while I sip on a raspberry mocha latte, but nothing beats a little Kacey Musgraves (or some Bachelor Nation Podcasts!) on the way to weddings

Where it all started

I learned how to do makeup by applying dramatic looks for dance competitions and school dances.  Thankfully my artistry has evolved!

Before the makeup brush

I used to be a ballroom dancer, and I thrive on creativity and expression, and my passion is absolutely all things pretty.

Time to say heck yes to your perfect glam team